Microsoft today announced a partnership with Accenture and Avanade to create better AI solutions which can make an immediate business impact. Microsoft is working with Accenture’s Applied Intelligence group to develop intelligent industry solutions which will increase customer engagement and drive revenue growth across industries.

“This kind of partnership unlocks capabilities for our customers that would be hard to achieve at scale alone.  That’s the power of partnership in today’s cloud economy. I think there will be more strategic AI agreements like this going forward. The growth around Artificial Intelligence is exponential, and my hope is that these AI partnerships will inspire other partners to make a bet on Microsoft to transform AI in the enterprise,” wrote Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, Commercial Partner Channels & Programs of Microsoft.

Microsoft AI solution and Accenture’s “Intelligent Customer Engagement” framework will enable digital assistants to better understand and respond to thousands of different customer needs. The Redmond Giant already helped HP in creating virtual agents which can better understand customers and handle support question as well.

The Redmond giant also plans to bring Accenture’s “Intelligent Revenue Growth” onto Microsoft AI platform. “Intelligent Revenue Growth uses machine learning to allow sales departments to identify opportunities and deploy them in the market up to ten times faster.

The triumvirate is building a team of data scientists, architects and engineers to early access to Microsoft AI technology and deep engineering expertise. Microsoft claims that 70% of total cases are being controlled by AI and virtual agents are working with more than 85% accuracy.