Today Microsoft announced the first preview build of Exchange Server 2019. For this Microsoft recommends Office 365 service for complete Office experience.

The Exchange Server 2019 Public Preview comes with several improvements and new features. Read about them below. Check out the details below.

Exchange Server 2019:

  • Security: You can now install Exchange Server 2019 onto Windows Server Core, the most secure platform for Exchange. You can also install Exchange 2019 onto Windows Server 2019 with Desktop Experience if you prefer it that way.
  • Performance: Exchange Server can now take advantage of up to 48 processor cores and 256GB of RAM. Microsoft is now using Bing technology to improve the search experience. Also, the search indexes are now within the database itself.
  • End-user experience: This release comes with new features such as Do Not Forward and Simplified Calendar Sharing from Office 365 to On-Premises Exchange. For admins, Microsoft is adding the ability for admins to manage events on user’s calendars and to assign delegate permissions more easily.