Microsoft has added two new features to the Chromium Edge brower in the Canary channel. The first and more intereting feature is “set aside tabs” and it is available in Canary Microsoft Edge Version 82.0.453.0.

You can now set your tabs aside and reopen them later. This feature was available in the legacy Edge browser and was a much-desired feature.


  • Now you can Set your Tabs Aside Quickly and reopen them later.
  • these tab groupsĀ Can get Synced with other devices that have Edge browser installed (Only desktops for now) so you can also resume your work from another computer.
  • The tab groups that are set Aside are non-volatile, meaning they are not automatically deleted once you reopen them (unlike Edge legacy’s behavior)
  • you can give custom names to the tab groups you set Aside.

Another new feature reported in the same new Canary build is ability to mark up adverbs in sentences in Immersive reader mode.


Edge can now mark up adverbs in sentences in Immersive reader mode.

Version 82.0.453.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

These feature would most likely make their way to dev and Beta channels, finally coming to stable release.