Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft has released the updated roadmap of new Microsoft Edge features that will be making way to insider and stable channels. The roadmap has “in development” new features that will come to Dev and Canary channels. The new features marked as “rolling out” will be available for those in Beta channel and will roll-out to stable channel eventually.

Here is the official list of “rolling out” features headed to the stable channel with Microsoft Edge v.89 by March 2021 as per the roadmap.

Rolling out features:

  • With Microsoft Edge version 89, Enterprise admins will be able to decide whether their users can install extensions from stores other than the Microsoft Edge Addons website. They will also be able to block external extensions from being installed.
  • Beginning with Microsoft Edge v.89, you can turn off the warning “Disable developer mode extensions” by clicking on the ‘Don’t show this again’ option.
  • Users will begin to get a smoother and more consistent text selection experience across PDF documents opened in Microsoft Edge starting with version 89.
  • Today Microsoft Edge helps you save time and effort while filling out forms and creating accounts online by auto filling your data like addresses, names, phone numbers etc. Beginning with version 89, we are adding support for another field that you can have saved and auto-filled – date of birth. You can view, edit and delete this information anytime in your profile settings.
  • Starting with Microsoft Edge v.89 a new policy exists that controls how Microsoft Edge prints to non-PostScript printers on Windows. Sometimes print jobs on non-PostScript printers need to be rasterized to print correctly. The print options are Full and Fast.
  • Starting with Microsoft Edge version 89, we have added additional lockdown capabilities within kiosk mode to enable customers to get the job done in a productive and more secure experience.
  • With Microsoft Edge v.89 users will be able to customize scaling while printing webpages and PDF documents with additional options. The ‘Fit to Page’ option ensures that the webpage or document is fit into the space available in the selected ‘Paper size’ for printing. The ‘Actual size’ option would ensure that there are no changes in the size of the contents being printed irrespective of the ‘Paper size’ selected.
  • Clipboard content is parsed when you click on a profile/address field (phone, email, zip code, city, state, etc.) to show as autofill suggestions.
  • The all-new extensions menu on the address bar will allow you to hide/pin extensions easily. The quick links to manage extensions and find new extensions will make it easy for you to find new extensions and manage your existing ones.
  • Beginning in Microsoft Edge v.89, we will provide single sign-on (SSO) with all windows accounts in the default Microsoft Edge profile for users that have one profile. If users choose to separate profiles, we will isolate SSO to only the profile’s signed in account.