Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has pushed a major update on the stable channel of the new (chromium-based) Microsoft Edge.

This update comes in at version 83.0.478.37 and packs a lot of new features, bug fixes and policy changes.

Extension Sync and Auto Profile Switching are some of the biggest additions that this update carries.

Extension syncing allows users to sync browser extensions across all the devices.

This includes extensions from both the Microsoft Store as well as the Chrome Web Store.

How to Enable?

1. Click the ellipses () on the menu bar, select Settings.
2. Under Your profile, click Sync to see the Sync options.
3. Under Profiles/Sync use the toggle to enable Extensions.

Another major feature is the Automatic Profile Switching.

This feature allows users to add multiple profiles on the browser and seamlessly switch between them whenever required.

Collections has received some little neat tricks like drag and drop support and adding multiple items to a collection instead of adding one item at a time.

You can learn more about all the feature updates in great detail in the official release notes.

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