Microsoft Edge on Android

Microsoft Edge on Android is finally switching to 64-bit architecture with the latest beta update in the Google Play Store.

Starting with Edge Build 77.0.3865.116, phones running Android 10 or higher are receiving the 64-bit version of the browser, automatically.

How to check?

If you have updated your device to Android 10, and have the latest update of Edge (beta) browser, typing edge://version in the address bar should yield the results shown in the picture below.

Edge Build Comparison
Microsoft Edge (Beta) – 64 bit (left) and 32 bit (right)

Here is the side-by-side Octane 2.0 benchmark result of Microsoft Edge; both 64-bit (left) and 32-bit (right) versions of the browser application are being tested.

Edge 64bit and 32bit
Microsoft Edge (Beta) Octane Benchmark Results – 64 bit (left) and 32 bit (right)

As you can observe, Microsoft Edge users on Android 10 can now expect a slightly better performance from the browser since the application can now take full advantage of all the power that a 64-bit processor provides, which is present on most modern smartphones.

Let us know in the comments below whether you received the update for the browser or not.