Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has recently updated its official features roadmap for Microsoft Edge. The roadmap lists lots of new features coming to Microsoft Edge in coming months. Top new features include Tabs preview, natural language search for browser history, many new PDF and security features.

The new search features allows natural language search for browser history on the address bar. New PDF features include “pick up where you left”, navigate using page thumbnail and page scrolling.  In new security features we already reported about automatic HTTPS switching, authentication requirement before autofill passwords. There is a new policy in development to stop implicit sign in.

So, here is the official list of “in development” Microsoft Edge features being tested now. Microsoft is planning to release these features in Q2 and Q3 2021 with Edge versions v92, v93 and v94.

List of upcoming Microsoft Edge features:

Tab Preview:

Tab Preview provides an easy way for you to hover over each tab and see more info at a glance (e.g. site content snapshot, full title, domain) to quickly find what you are looking for.

Require authentication before autofilling passwords:

With this capability, passwords saved to the browser will no longer be autofilled. They will need a successful user authentication prior to filling. This will add another layer of privacy and help prevent non-authorized users from using saved passwords to log into websites.

Pick up where you left off on PDF documents:

You will now be able to resume reading from where you last closed your PDF document.

Automatic HTTPS:

Starting with Microsoft Edge version 92, users will have the option to upgrade navigations from HTTP to HTTPS on domains likely to support this more secure protocol. This support can also be configured to attempt delivery over HTTPS for all domains. More secure connections help protect customers from man-in-the-middle attacks.

Natural language search for browser history on the address bar:

Finding the article/website you are looking for is now easier thanks to natural language search right from the address bar. You can find search results based on page content/description/timing (such as “cake recipe from last week”) in addition to titles/URL keyword matches alone.

Page scrolling on PDF documents:

Starting with Microsoft Edge version 92, you will be able to scroll through each page or two pages in case of two page layout when reading PDF documents. 

Navigate PDF documents using page thumbnails:

You will now be able to navigate through your PDF document using thumbnails representing the pages. These thumbnails will appear in the pane on the left side of the PDF reader.

New policy to stop implicit sign in:

This new policy allows system administrators to disable implicit sign-in on Microsoft Edge browsers, starting with version 94.

Payment instruments are now synced across devices:

Beginning with Microsoft Edge v. 92, you have the option to synchronize your payment information across your signed in devices.

Support for Microsoft Endpoint DLP on MacOS:

Microsoft Endpoint Data Leak Protection (DLP) policy enforcement will be available natively on MacOS.

The roadmap has “in development” new features that are being tested in Dev and Canary channels. The new features marked as “rolling out” will be available for those in Beta channel and will roll-out to stable channel eventually.