Microsoft had earlier announced an interesting feature called “Vertical tabs” for Microsoft Edge that moves the opened tabs and new tab option to the left side of the browser. Now, Microsoft has started rolling out this feature in a controlled rollout to select insiders in Dev and Canary channels.

One of our readers tipped us with a screenshot of Vertical tabs that he enabled on Microsoft Edge in Dev channel. Over the insider community many insiders have confirmed receiving the feature but as mentioned above it is not available for everyone in Dev and Canary Channels.

In a way this option makes the tab top bar convert to a left sidebar and it really looks good as can be seen in the screenshots above and the GIF demo below.

As one can notice current implementation is still work in progress. Still, insiders were able to make tab previews, tab grouping, colors and the main button for switching between horizontal/vertical view work.

Thanks Snehashis for the tip. Cheers!!