You may already know that Microsoft was (is) planning to get rid of Live Tiles to “visually unify the Windows 10 home screen” in words of Microsoft designers. Live Tiles are supposed to become an optional feature in the future, as the Windows 10 Start Menu will emphasize icons in the place of Live Tiles.

But now “Live Tiles” are back in vogue and Microsoft is actively repromoting them. Check the tweet posted by the “Microsoft To do” Twitter account.

What may have prompted this change of heart is the introduction of widgets in MacOS Big Sur, the latest big MacOS update. This wouldn’t be the first time, however, when Apple took inspiration from other OSes and made the “existing” feature new talk of the town.

Now, coming to Microsoft’s own lack of confidence in some innovative features that it introduced but killed or even half-introduced and then pushed to cold storage, there are many examples. Perhaps, it needs to learn from Apple about the finishing touches and execution.