Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has announced improved support for notifications and badging in Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10.

As per Microsoft, notifications are an important part of daily workflow and help you to stay up to date by providing important updates right on your desktop PC.

What is new

Microsoft is looking to introduce background support for notifications in the new Edge browser, helping users to receive incoming notifications even after the browser is closed.

Taking advantage of background notifications is easy, and any site which supports web push notifications using the web standard Push APINotifications API, and web push protocol is already supported. Web developers don’t need to make any special changes to their website for users to receive notifications while Microsoft Edge is closed—it all just works.

Improving notifications and badging in Microsoft Edge – Microsoft Tech Community

How to enable the feature

Microsoft has also added support for badging pinned sites on the taskbar. To take advantage of these improvements, users must be on Edge 85 (for PWAs) or Edge 87 (for pinned sites) with Windows 10 version 20H1 or higher.

Notification badges on the taskbar/dock

While notification toasts—the little messages that appear with important alerts—are incredibly helpful when used properly, some types of notifications are better suited to a more lightweight update. For years, desktop and mobile operating systems have supported showing a badge with a notification count on surfaces like the Windows taskbar, macOS dock, and Android or iOS home screen, but this feature has always been limited to native apps. With the latest version of Microsoft Edge, PWAs and pinned sites can now display badges as well.