Microsoft’s Xbox is very famous when comes to gaming. It provides hard core gaming experience across devices. The Xbox One was even more successful in 2015.There were new games also introduced for Xbox One with several 3rd party games also. Many more games re coming in 2016 on Xbox One as well on Windows 10 PC.

Now there is a report talking about Microsoft working on A smaller version of Xbox One which will take on Apple TV. The Light Weight version of Xbox One will be able to play games from Windows 10 store.There isn’t any official news regarding that. But according to the report,the company s quietly working on it & will most probably release it in Q2 of 2016.Essentially, it will be a “box for Windows Store” which will allow Microsoft to compete directly with the Apple TV

The reports talks about plans of Microsoft for 2016. There is a detailed talks about all the products that we could see in 2016.There is discussion about Surface Phone,successor to Surface Book & Pro 4 etc. In terms of software the report says that Microsoft will release two major updates to Windows 10 . First will be Redstone in late spring & there will be a second in late fall. These will include major changes to Windows 10.

You can read the full report here.