Microsoft now claims the second spot beating Amazon, and now stands right behind Apple. The Redmond giant posted their quarter income a few days back which much like the previous ones exceed their expectation and now it is an $821 company. Amazon on the other side, have witnessed a drop of eight percent in their stock value on Friday, bringing down their market capital to $803.

All the Microsoft services and Surface hardware were in profits in this quarter which may be the reason behind its tremendous growth. With that being said, Amazon crossed the golden $1 trillion mark back in September and since then it has been all bad news for them so far with an overall drop of  19 percent.

Interestingly, Amazon still holds the number one spot when it comes Cloud services. That compared to Microsoft’s Cloud, Microsoft is has a lot to do beat Amazon on their own game which by the way seems likely given how much Nadella’s Microsoft is betting on the Cloud.