The famous Apple vs Microsoft has always been one of the heated arguments among fans or enthusiasts. As time passes Apple made its way to the smartphone industry and invented the most talked about smartphones ever, the iPhone. With this, the Cupertino-based tech giant ousted Microsoft from the number one in the list, becoming the largest US-based company.

Apple obviously was in no mood to lose it again to Microsoft but as its iPhone sales were not as par with the expectation, the tech giant finally met the defeat by slipping one position in the list of the top US-based company. Talking about the market value, both companies since the last couple of days were playing catch-up on which various media outlet reported news like Microsoft is in the driving seat, but that did not last long as soon after Microsoft slipped into its original position. Now it is for the second time in the last few days, Microsoft has managed to regain the number one position.

Microsoft is now standing tall with a market capitalization of $753.3 billion followed by Apple and Amazon with a market capitalization of $746.8 billion and $736.8 billion respectively.

Under Nadella’s care, Microsoft has tripled its market value since he took the helm. And the important part here is that it is performing consistently well under him even though Microsoft failed miserably in the mobile space. With that being said, Microsoft is yet to touch the $1trillion milestone which both Apple and Amazon in past managed to achieve.

Going forward, Microsoft will continue to focus on the enterprise of things with their advanced Cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure, Office 365, etc as the company’s push in the Cloud solutions is one the reasons Microsoft is performing so well.