The software giant is reportedly working to build a new operating system called Windows Lite from scratches which can truly be a Chrome OS killer. Microsoft has been saying it for years that they have Windows 10 S to go head to head against the rival. But we all know what happened to Windows 10 S.

Now that it ended up being just a mode in Windows 10 which you can turn off and on and so on so forth, Microsoft looks to build an OS that avoids being tied up with all the legacy components of Windows which were present even on Windows RT and Windows 10 S. Petri reports that Microsoft is building a new OS that is completely different from today’s Windows in terms of how things work, and based on the report it will be powered by the much-hyped Windows Core OS.

However, the report also suggests that Microsoft might not even call it Windows which seems both likely and the opposite. The Company has a record in slapping Windows name on almost every product in the past but under Nadella’s leadership that is certainly not the case. While the current CEO do things in a different way than what Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer would do, an operating system coming from Microsoft and does not have Windows written on it is something that raises eyebrows.

However, with this, there are multiple questions surfacing regarding the future of Windows. For example, what’s next for Windows 10 S mode? Would it be killed? Now that Microsoft has embraced Chromium, ditching the EdgeHTML, has it anything to do with how Microsoft wants to position the new OS? And lastly what the future holds for UWP? We need to wait at least until Microsoft Build to have anything concrete.

It would be interesting to see at what what point of time Microsoft announces this and most importantly with what type of device.