Microsoft recently surpassed Google and the company catapulted itself from the 4th position to the 3rd. The Redmond Giant is now behind of only Apple and Amazon. Microsoft now has a market capitalization of $758 USD which is somewhat $14 USD ahead of Google. The first and the  Second position is dominated by Apple and Amazon respectively with the market capitalization of $925 USD and $777 USD.

CEO Satya Nadella infuriated a lot of fans by abandoning Windows phone for good. The decision though was a critical one and it created a lot of fuss. Ever since then Nadella never looked back and pushed the company into the cloud and office. The result is conspicuous with Microsoft being in the second position in the cloud offering. Amazon AWS is the class topper!

Windows and Office are still the cash cows of Microsoft but it is the Azure who is drawing all the attention with an astoundingly 93 per cent revenue growth. Office 365 commercial offering has also contributed significantly in achieving the figure with a growth of 42 per cent. Microsoft now has 135 million active Office 365 business user and 30.6 million office 365 consumer users under its roof. With Microsoft only focusing on the cloud would be an interesting journey to watch out both for enthusiasts and investors.

A lot of people are preferring Microsoft over Google when it comes to investment. Needless to say that the homogeneous growth in Microsoft’s cloud business is the root cause behind the preference of Microsoft over Google. One can imagine a picture with The Redmond Ginat having a viable mobile platform. But yea that’s how it is!