Microsoft is in the works to develop a version of Windows that will power the dual-screen and other foldable devices. However, this isn’t anything new. We have earlier reported on the development of a new O.S. called Windows Lite and now Microsoft watcher Zac Bowden claims that people working on this project are calling it by a different name – ‘Santorini’.

This is also a part of the Windows Core OS, targeting a different kind of form factor. Much like Aruba, Oasis, and Andromeda, Santorini will also run on top of Windows Core. Interestingly, except for the Surface Hub 2x which is powered by Aruba, we are yet to see Windows Core O.S. in action with the respective shells. Nevertheless, Microsoft will be unveiling HoloLens 2 at MWC and the device will be powered by Oasis atop Windows Core which means that we will get to know more about these shells within a few days.

There is also another report related to the ‘Santorini’. According to Mary Jo Foley, the new shell, unlike the Windows RT, will be able to run full legacy Win32 application which is a big deal here. But there is a catch. Much like Windows 10 ARM PCs, this too will use containers to power legacy apps.

Although not confirmed, Microsoft might finally give us a glimpse of this new O.S. at their Build Developer Conference in Seattle. We will see how this thing plays out for Microsoft going forward. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.