Microsoft was criticized in the past regarding their strategy with its digital assistant Cortana. Be it Microsoft selling an Echo device or Alexa’s intrusion in Microsoft’s ecosystem, all of these looks pretty much convincing that Microsoft could just send its digital assistant to follow the same route as Windows Phone.

To get around with the notion that Cortana can no way go head to head against its competitors, Microsoft always comes-up with features that make its digital assistant unique. As reported by WC, Microsoft is now looking to add support for multi-user voice ID in Cortana on Xbox and Harmon Kardon Invoke devices. This will further bolsters Microsoft’s dream of positioning the digital assistant as the one-stop solution for all things enterprise. But sadly the multi-user voice ID support enable six users at a stretch to take advantage of the new feature.

With support for multi-user voice ID coming into play, users now need to train the digital assistant for use with not more than five people. This will allow the other five users to access all the data using their voice.

This should sound very familiar as Microsoft at Build has already shown a demo of how this thing might look like in action even though it was not exactly a demo to showcase how the whole thing works; it was to show the world how the future of meetings looks like.