Windows 10 S

Recent data from Netmarketshare suggests that Windows 7 still remain as the Operating system to beat. Earlier in the last month, we reported that Windows 10 might just beat Windows 7 share and likely to beat it within a month or two. It now looks like we need to wait for a little longer to finally see it happen.

According to the recent data, Windows 10 is running on 38.14 percent of the PCs while Windows 7 share plummets down to 38.89 percent from 39.35 percent. As you see the difference between the market share of the two can easily be overlooked but it still would take more than a month to surpass Windows 7, given the slow adoption of PCs. However, things would have been slower had Microsoft not announced the free upgrade to everyone using Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

While it is nothing but good news for Windows 10, even with a decent effort in pushing Microsoft Edge fails to produce any good result as the market share drops down to 4.22 percent from 4.28 percent. Interestingly enough, its competitor also witnessed a decline– both Google Chrome and Firefox went down with the former holding 66.43 percent of the share and the later has only¬†8.96%. Even though Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is considered one of the failures of the company, managed to somehow maintain its share.

Things, however, might turn out well for Windows 10 as Christmas holidays are coming and that could finally provide the extra push in uplifting it on top of the list.