Neighborhorde is now available to download from Xbox One Store.  This is an video game developed and published by Fermenter Games.

Game graphics look good and this game already enjoys good rating and reviews. If you like to play video games then you will definitely like this game.

If you buy now then you can save 20%. This is a limited Time Offer. So download it now.

Neighborhorde Features:

– Videogame-like gameplay!

– Local couch co-op survival action with 1-4 players. Play with friendly AI you while you wait for friends.

– The first Friendzone you’ll actually want to be in.

– Play as cute low-poly animal kids. So cute!

– Tons of spooky enemies: Fight to survive against waves of enemies from your imagination like zombie Abe Lincoln your school’s creepy lunch lady. Boss fights too!

– Become more powerful than you could ever imagine. Then get stomped to death by a giant foot.

– Every game is unique: Unlock 80+ weapons and superpowers as the game progresses. –

A bumpin soundtrack inspired by your favorite 90s grooves.

You can download the game from the link given below.

Neighborhorde link