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Panos Panay says no to Surface Phone but promises new Surface form-factors


It seems that Microsoft and phones have a love-hate relationship. Although the company failed in the mobile business, rumors about a possible surface branded phone never stop coming. Whatever the reason, with Surface brand Microsoft is always toying with various ideas and projects that mimics today’s smartphone but not exactly claim to be like one. Of course, I am talking about Andromeda!

Today on GADGET LAB PODCAST with Lauren Goode, Microsoft Chief Product officer Panos Panay clears the air about the mythical Surface Phone. Declaring the Surface Phone as a misnomer he affirmed that Surface team always create new form factors at the lab to shape the future of personal computing. Having said that Panos also claimed that the way people communicate today will change in a next few years. Although Panos did not explicitly talk about what that possible form-factor be like that can take over today’s smartphone, he inadvertently points at Microsoft’s famous dual display Surface device that is currently hibernating at the Microsoft Lab.

So there you have it! There is nothing such as Surface Phone through the concept and the aim remain the same i.e., an inking focus foldable Surface device with telephony capability. Why Microsoft doesn’t call it a Surface Phone is not that difficult to comprehend. The future Surface dual display device won’t run Windows 10 mobile, instead, it will have a full-blown Windows 10 specially designed for that form factor which will certainly enable the device to masquerade as a smartphone.

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