PIX is a game debugging tool on Xbox which gives developers the leverage to test and fine tune Direct x12 games.

Microsoft has finally introduced the tool for the Windows platform which will enable game developers do a lot of performance testing for Direct x12 games before being brought to the Windows Store.

The tool, which is currently available in beta, provides five main modes of operation:

  • GPU captures for debugging and analyzing the performance of Direct3D 12 graphics rendering.
  • Timing captures for understanding the performance and threading of all CPU and GPU work carried out by your game.
  • Function Summary captures accumulate information about how long each function runs for and how often each is called.
  • Callgraph captures trace the execution of a single function.
  • Memory Allocation captures provide insight into the memory allocations made by your game.

Take a look at the requirements, how to get support, and future roadmap, then download it here.

To learn how to use PIX, check out the documentation and video channel.

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