In a bit surprising step Microsoft seems has decided to extend the Windows 10 Insider Preview program to individual Windows 10 native apps. Now you will be able to join preview program for apps like Photos, Camera, and Alarms & Clock individually, if you are an insider and you are being offered the preview.

While insiders already used to get the apps updates before it used to get released to production or general public, this will mean that they will have more control over which apps updates they will keep on receiving. While this apps preview program is still in the initial stage and currently not available for all native apps and also not for all insiders the purpose behind this certainly seems to be better granular control over the apps updates.

You will need to go to settings of the apps and check whether you are being offered the preview program for the app in question or not. Currently, not many Windows 10 native apps are offering this preview and not all insiders will be able to see the preview too.

Do let us know in comments if you have received the option to enroll to Windows 10 apps preview program.