The top-down action shooter game, Ruiner is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Play Anywhere support (buy once and play on both PC and console).

Co-developed by Devolver Digital and Reikon Games, Ruiner is a brutal cyberpunk, story-driven combat game set in the year 2091 created in the spirit of cult-cyberpunk anime.

Ruiner Xbox One Launch Trailer

Ruiner needs your constant attention and doesn’t let you sleep. The enemies are like hunting dogs and you’re like a fox or a sheep; don’t let them corner you. The A.I. is very aggressive and wants to kick your ass, but it’s not unfair.

You can also grab many weapons from fallen enemies, and the skills and powerful gadgets at your disposal, you’ll have what it takes to come out the winning side in these whirling encounters.


Developer: Devolver Digital
Price: $19.99