Microsoft has now silently pushed a new update to the popular Visual studio tool.The new update to Visual studio brings some new codec changes and other features.

This new update brings support for new language to Rust for Visual studio 2017 with preview build. Other changes include support for new codes which are listed below.

  • Code completion
  • Goto definition
  • Find all references
  • Error squiggles
  • Code action (lightbulb)
  • Rename

In terms of other changes, the company has added support for RLS(Rust Language Server). This was added in recent preview builds as experimental basis but now available as preview.

How to use:

  • Install a preview build of Visual Studio
  • Install the preview LSP support from the marketplace
  • Install rustup (Rust toolchain manager).
  • Install this extension from the marketplace
  • Go to the options for the extension (Tools > Options > Rust) and set the toolchain to the one you installed the components to.
  • Open a Rust project (File > Open Folder…).
  • Open the folder for the whole project (i.e., the folder containing ‘Cargo.toml’), not the ‘src’ folder.
  • The extension will start when you open a Rust file. You’ll be prompted to install the RLS. Once installed, the RLS should start building your project.