Twitter Tweet Emoji UI on Windows

Twitter app on Windows 10 is picking up some new features with the most recent update.

With the latest update, users on Windows 10 can now schedule tweets and express emotions with an in-built emoji picker.

Tweets can be scheduled by clicking on the calendar icon in the compose box.

Twitter Tweet Schedule UI on Windows

Similarly, emojis can be added from the emoji flyover when activated on click. You can also search for emojis by typing the term in the space provided.

Twitter Tweet Emoji UI on Windows

Being a Progressive Web App, users with Twitter app installed on their Windows machines, do not have to worry about downloading and installing an update from store to get all the new functionalities.

Instead, whenever an update is released on the web version (, all those changes automatically make it to the PWA , installed on your PC.

How to install?

Open a web browser, go to and sign in with your account.

When logged in, look for a + sign in the address bar towards the right end and click on it.

Click on Install and the app will be installed on your PC just like any regular app.