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Surface Phone/Mobile 3D renders, OLED display & modified USB type C revealed in a new Microsoft Patent


A new Patent titled “Hinged Design” about Surface Phone/Surface Mobile granted to Microsoft on December 14 has been doing rounds today. Many sites reported about some sketches from this patent which look like one of the most refined sketches yet for the foldable Surface Phone/Mobile.

But on diving deep we were able to get something more. Microsoft has also made Surface Phone/Mobile 3D renders available in the extended patent documentation. There are not one but many 3D renders depending upon many hinge design variations. One of the slide mentions many variations of hinges combining Round/Flat glass edges rotation mechanisms and Separate/integrated/Retractable FPCs.

What also gets revealed by this slide is that Surface Mobile device is supposed to feature Dual OLED displays and will also feature modified USB type C. Please check some of the 3D renders revealed in the patent in the gallery below. As per our sources, the Surface Mobile device may come with dual displays having around 6-inch display size each.



Some recent patents also revealed how Microsoft is planning to do the camera setup on the foldable Surface Mobile Andromeda device. A recent job opening has revealed that Microsoft may be working on a 1st-party hardware (Surface device/phone) powered by just announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.

We recently reported about top features/specs/UI design details of Surface Phone/Mobile exclusively. We have also talked about how the Surface Mobile will differ from the official Microsoft Courier concept leaked much earlier.

That Microsoft is working on a foldable mobile device that will be powered by Andromeda, the full Windows 10 on ARM + Cshell has featured in lots of leaks/rumors recently. We also shared about how the Surface Mobile will be different from the earlier leaked Microsoft Courier concept. We had exclusively reported that 2018 may see Surface Mobile (Surface Phone) & Windows mobile devices from top vendors too.

The note-taking app for Foldable devices supported by Andromeda or Windows 10 on ARM with CShell will be called Journal. Mentions of Journal were found in the recently released “Microsoft Whiteboard app”. Read more here

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