LG may be soon making available a new Windows 10 app “Virtoo by LG” for LG PC users. The app has appeared in the Microsoft store and is similar to the Microsoft Your Phone app in functioning. And, for that reason it provides a way to use smartphone functions like calling, messaging, checking images directly from the connected PC.

As per the listing, Virtoo by LG works with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Virtoo by LG is a smartphone app for LG PC users. It allows a Bluetooth connection between a smartphone and a PC to enable users to use various smartphone functions on the PC. Use Virtoo by LG to enjoy a more comfortable computing environment.

※ Some models may not support Virtoo by LG.

※ Some functions may not work depending on the smartphone model.

– Full Android 10 and iOS support

– Better connectivity

– Media tap – PC users can now access their phone’s media content directly from the PC app!

The app can be downloaded by clicking on the download box provided at the bottom. It currently is not available to install, however.

Virtoo by LG
Virtoo by LG