Yesterday Microsoft published a new update to the Visual Studio codes. The latest update is nothing but November update.

The November update for Visual Studio brings version number v1.19 to it. The main focus of this release was GitHub issue clean-up, performance improvements and data collection tools for better issue understanding. During this process, the company has reportedly fixed around 440 bugs and issues in the system. For more details, you can check out the detailed changelog given below,


  • Performance – Faster startup and other performance improvements.
  • Serviceability/Diagnostics – New VS Code diagnostics, logging, and extension monitoring.
  • Smarter IntelliSense – IntelliSense remembers your previous suggestion choices.
  • Better Tab layout – Tabbed headers can scale to fit the available space.
  • Git side-by-side image diff – Git source control provider can display image changes side by side.
  • Pipe output into VS Code – Easily view terminal output in a VS Code editor.
  • New debugging recipes – Learn how to debug Next.js, Meteor projects and applications using the nodemon utility.