One of the most popular social messaging platform WhatsApp is now getting another update on windows phone platform.

The latest update hitting to WhatsApp comes as beta build. It comes with build numbers 2.17.336 and 2.17.342 on windows phone platform.

Speaking of the changes coming with this build, there is a list given below.

New design for calls:

With the WhatsApp beta version 2.17.336 the company has introduced a new design for calls.

For video and audio calls, we have a new design which was previously introduced in Android version.

Private reply:

With this feature the WhatsApp beta builds brings the company now gives us an option to reply to someone in private when you’re talking in a group.

Quick switch to video call:

The new beta build of WhatsApp Wiz. 2.17.342 brings another new feature that lets you easily switch to video call while on a audio call.

When you will tap on the video button during a call, it will send a request to the other person for video call.

More advanced group settings:

Another improvements coming to WhatsApp are changes to a group settings that was already made available on iOS version in recent times.


With this , the admin can restrict any user to get the group info.