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Hellbent Games ‘Wick’ Now Available For Xbox One


Hellbent Games has released their survival horror game — Wick for the Xbox One. Hellbent Games are famed for their unmatched passion for creating AAA video games, and this game is no different.

Game Description:

Wick is a survival horror game where ghost stories are brought to life. Explore a local legend about the long lost children in the woods who can still be seen– but only by those who dare to enter alone by candlelight. Deep in the darkness you sense you are not alone. But will you live to tell the story? Navigate the darkness by candlelight but be sure to keep track of the candles you find. You’ll need to stay in the light to keep your fear at bay– and there is plenty to be scared of. You’ll soon discover you’re not alone. Come face to face with a variety of enemies then learn what it takes to evade each one, or die trying.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWEeh-Apkxs]

Download the game from the Windows store, using the store link below.


Developer: Hellbent Games
Price: $9.99
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