Last we saw Windows 10 Build 10031 leaked images revealing “Translucent Start Menu” and smaller start buttons. The build 10031 was from fbl_impressive, the branch from which the next Windows 10 Desktop build is supposed to come. Now, one more build has leaked from fbl_impressive branch in images and even in a hands-on video.

The Build in question is Build 10036 and it seems to bring improved Wi-Fi selection and changes in TaskBar and Task View. Now you can drag a window to move it to other desktop as seen in the video below. Spartan browser though is still missing from the Build 10036, as can be seen in the above screenshot.

The latest fbl_impressive build as per the Buildfeed data is Build 10039 though, so may be Build 10036 won’t make it to the Windows Insiders.

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