We last posted three hands-on videos of latest Redstone Windows 10 Build 14316 demoing all new features and changes that the build brought. Time to share our impressions of the build and what bugs and issues we faced while playing with the build yet.

Impressions, Bugs & Issues:

While it is really fun to play with a Build bringing so many changes and new features, it is always expected to bring many bugs and issues too. Build 14316 remains a good build to use and is fast and responsive, but you will start feeling that you are using a Beta build as much you will use it as a daily driver. It has many bugs and issues and the worst part is that most of them repeat themselves.

  • BSOD may happen 3-4 times daily if you use your PC as your main tool to get things done. Though with a restart things go back to normal but it is annoying.
  • Cortana has become moody and may crash anytime especially when you ask a question to her.
  • Start Screen may become unresponsive and you may need to restart your PC to get it working again
  • Apps like Mail and Photos have crashed several times for me
  • Several other minor issues like browser freezing at times while in use
  • Crashes may also happen while playing games and doing heavy stuff

The below video gives you an example of how Cortana crashes at times while in use.

In a nutshell, we are seeing the issues and bugs that come with a build that brings “new features” payload. It may get better or worse in next Windows 10 build depending upon whether next build also will bring new features and new bugs or focuses on fixing the issues that are present in the build 141316.

Do let us know if you are facing these or other issues with Build 14316.