Windows 10 Build 9879 is the last build for the year 2014, was conveyed by Microsoft to insiders. But now a higher Build 9888 has shown itself in China, as can be seen in the screenshot below.


The most remarkable change in this new build perhaps lies in its Windows Kernel number. The Windows Kernel version for Build 9888 is 10, which is a big upgrade over the Kernel version 6.4 of the last release Build 9879.


This is the  full history of Windows Kernel upgrades,

Vista kernel version is 6.0,

 – Win7 is kernel version 6.1,

 – Win8 kernel version 6.2,

 – Win8.1 kernel version is 6.3

-Win10 Build 9841, 9860, 9879 kernel version 6.4,

-Win10 Build 9888 quietly upgrade kernel version 10.0!

So keeping the Windows Kernel upgrade history in mind, it is a very significant Kernel upgrade and it perhaps paves the way for Windows unification.