We had reported about a new internal Windows 10 Build 9888 leak. This Build comes with a huge jump in Windows Kernel number; from 6.4 to 10. Read more in our earlier article.

The most remarkable change in this new build perhaps lies in its Windows Kernel number. The Windows Kernel version for Build 9888 is 10, which is a big upgrade over the Kernel version 6.4 of the last release Build 9879.

Now, WinBeta has managed to get the Build 9888 and has posted a video of changes that it brings with itself.

Noteworthy changes are:

Context menu unification across the OS.

ZPC settings renamed PC settings, PC settings renamed as only “Settings”

Two new animations for maximize and minimize

Build 9888 video:

Windows 10 Build 9879 was the last build for the year 2014, was conveyed by Microsoft to insiders and so we won’t see Build 9888 or any other consumer Build getting released anytime soon. But, these leaks give us a good idea about the direction Windows 10 development is heading to.

Via: WinBeta