Time for our Windows 10 hands-on tutorials!! We will cover basic as well as advanced tips and tutorials in these video How Tos. In this video we will tell you in detail how to multitask like a champ on Windows 10. We will also let you know how to manage Snap View settings to control multitasking features.

  • Task View button lets you see open apps and virtual desktops in both Desktop / Tablet modes
  • You can snap any active window by holding Windows key and using the navigation keys (up, down, left and right) while in Desktop mode
  • You can also snap by dragging the active windows to sides and also maximize by dragging windows to top.
  • If you have enabled in settings, Windows will propose which Windows to Snap next
  • In Tablet mode if you click on a link a new windows opens next to the existing and snap-view lest you handle both side-by-side