We already reported about some users facing installation failures and game lag issues with the optional update KB4541335 (Build 18363.752/18362.752) for Windows 10 version 1903/1909. Now not only more users are reporting these issues but few other users who tried to install this update or installed it are even facing serious issues like BSOD, boot failure and performance deterioration.

A user reports that the KB4541335 update caused BSOD on his PC.

BSOD – Page Error in Nonpaged Area after installing new updates

Hi today (and previously, but most recently from today) I have tried downloading the two most recent updates (KB4541335 and KB4551762) I get a BSOD. The only way I fix it is by uninstalling the update(s). I don’t know why this is happening. Is there a fix that I can do?

Another user has also reported about the BSOD issue caused by Windows Connection Manager after installing the update KB4541335.

Windows Connection Manager Crashes Computer
I’m running Win 10 1909 current through KB4541335

Lenovo thinkpad x1 Yoga 8 Gb 250 Gb SSD

The computer will flicker and reboot spontaneously 6 min and 30s after a restart

Event viewer shows a Kernal-Power fault with bugcheckcode 126

The update is causing boot failure for one of the users.


on March 28, 2020 I installed a quality update for Windows 10.

Today (March 29, 2020) my computer didn’t start anymore.

1. Windows logo and loading indicator showed up for appr. 2-3 seconds

2. Windows logo vanished and only the loading indicator (very bad resolution – you can see every pixel) showed up on a black screen.

3. Nothing happened anymore.

I restarted by force shutdown. Same problem.

The update is also causing Windows 10 performance deterioration for a user.

I read that this update was supposed to be optional but mine installed anyway. First of all my laptop became very unresponsive and took ages to open programs and browsing became very slow. In the end I uninstalled it. A day or so later I got a notification that it was ready for installation again. I thought you may have fixed the problem so installed it once more.

This time round I got a great deal of lag and my HP support assistant warned me that I had no firewall protection or anti virus installed. I was unable to open defender as it appeared not to be there. Neither could I open Malwarebytes.

I have now uninstalled KB4541335 and firewall etc are working once more. Have paused update installation for 14 days and hopefully you may have found a fix by then.

Since this is an optional update one can skip it, but these fixes will be part of next Patch Tuesday update, so perhaps Microsoft needs to fix these issues.