Microsoft recently released the Patch Tuesday update KB4556799 (Builds 18363.836 and 18362.836) for Windows 10 version 1903/1909. We last reported about many users complaining that this update fails to install for them.

But some of the users who were able to install it are even facing serious issues like BSOD, White flickering screen of death, Outlook search issues, change in the default font, and the PC switching back to S Mode among others.

A user has complained in the official Microsoft forum about facing the BSOD issue after installing this update.

BSOD with KB4556799 and/or KB4552931?

Last night, the last thing my computer did before shutting down was installing KB4556799 and KB4552931.

This morning, it BSOD’d twice in 10 minutes. Each time, I was in a browser (Firefox for the 1st BSOD and Chrome for the 2nd one. )

I could not see what the error message was as the BSOD screen with the frowning face flashed too quickly.

I immediately uninstalled both updates and the problem disappeared. Anyone experiencing this?

Another user has complained about facing the White screen of death in the form of a flickering White screen.

Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4556799)
I don’t know why but this update is bugged for me.
whenever i install this update after restarting a white flickering screen appear.
Pls help

Other users have reported about change in System default fonts and PC reverting back to S Mode after installing the update.

System default font changed after Window10 update – KB4556799

Today I received a Windows 10 update in my Dell laptop so I continued with the update and installed the update and had o restart the Windows once the update was completed and it prompted me to restart with “Restart Now” button on the update page so I restarted the Windows.

But after the Windows restarted, I was shocked to see that the update has changed my system’s default font to some weird font that is very difficult to read as well as the font size is quite big too.

Updates KB4556799 and/or KB4501374 switched back to S-mode
Updates KB4556799 and KB4501374 were auto installed and switched windows back to S-mode which I had previously disabled. And I can’t switch out of S-mode now, and therefore apps installed outside of S-mode aren’t working. Please help. Uninstalling these updates didn’t help.

One user was facing the issue of Outlook searches not working post-installation of this update.

After update, Outlook search reports “We’re having trouble fetching results from the server…” on every search
This Outlook search function was working earlier. I successfully applied KB4556799 and KB4552931 to my v1909 laptop. Since then all of my searches in Outlook 2016 are getting this message. Any thoughts? Is anyone else getting this behavior?