People app

In a continuous effort to make core Windows 10 apps look elegant to users, Microsoft has yet again updated another built-in app on Windows 10 PC for Fast Ring Insiders with latest build 16188.

People app on Windows 10, as seen in screenshot above, looks all different with the addition of blur effects seen all over the app. There is no longer the accent colored background on the contact details page or the black background on the history page of a particular contact.

Also, there is a nice animation when you hover the cursor (or click) on any of the contacts (similar to Groove Music items), all thanks to less-known Project Neon visual design.

Groove Music, Maps, Photos and third-party apps like Dropbox, MyTube etc. are some apps who have already taken the NEON wrap earlier and we will see more apps utilising the behaviour in the coming days/months.

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Microsoft People
Microsoft People
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