Microsoft has been using Windows 10 internal ads to persuade users to use many Windows 10 services including store. Now, some users have reported sightings of Ads suggesting Chromium Edge over other browser like Chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer in Start menu.

A Reddit user first reported seeing an Ad (screenshot above) to persuade him to use Chromium Edge when he was trying to launch Firefox browser, it seems. The text for this ad reads “still using Firefox, Microsoft Edge is here”.

Another user responded by posting a screenshot that showed Microsoft persuading users to use Chromium Edge replacing the internte explorer. This time the Ad appeared in search bar when the usser was searching for internet explorer to launch.

While this may sound bit annoying and many like to criticize Microsoft whenever it tries to use Windows OS to advertise its products, it is not a new or Microsoft only practice. Google has been the most notorious in pushing its products with all sort of advetising using its already in use products.