Thanks for staying tuned and here is more about Windows Phone 8.1, revealed in leaked screenshots.

Lock-screen WP8 vs WP8.1. Can you spot the differences?:


This is important and pretty useful. So we saw the browser upload and WP8.1 brings a native downloads folder just like on Windows. It feels quite familiar.

wp8.1 download

We have covered Bing Podcast app leak. Time to see podcasts app in action now.

wp8.1 podcast

We saw how installed apps from phone can be moved to MicrosSD card and now seems vice-versa is also true. Also, on resetting the phone MicroSD card data will also get erased. Document sharing now is not limited and all the apps which have sharing contract will share it. So, NFC, WiFi direct all come into picture.

wp8.1 sharing & card

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