Astroneer has been launched for Xbox One and Windows 10 as a Game Preview in the Windows Store. Developed by a small team of developers at System Era, the game is all about the space exploration, discovery and mystery, as you uncover rare artifacts and the resources you need to find them, on vast worlds where every cubic inch of space can be explored.

We started working on Astroneer as a part-time labor of love more than two years ago. We were inspired by the legendary space-race exploits and heroes that enamored us when we were growing up: Titov and Gagarin, the Mercury Seven, the Apollo program, the shuttle. We wanted to use our skills to create something that could celebrate those inspirations, and do a little bit to pass on a love of all things space to a new generation — perhaps the next young Elon Musk, or Richard Branson. We began full-time development in earnest over the past year, and we’re finally ready to bring the alpha version of the game to light.

The game also supports multiplayer co-op, so that you can bring in your friends on your journey to space and enjoy the beauty of surroundings.

Since the game is incomplete, so expect glitches all around while you are in it. But the team promises to work on those minor-bugs if you help them in this quest by sending them feedback, on their forums here

We chose Xbox specifically because Microsoft, unique among console manufacturers, offers the Game Preview program, allowing us to pursue our preferred strategy, along with the Xbox Play Anywhere program, which we love because it means if you buy the Xbox version of the game, you also get to have the PC experience via the Windows 10 store as well, at no extra cost (or vice versa). Pretty nifty.