Xbox One

Well, it is the weekend. In other words, for gamers, this means a whole new bunch of game releases on Xbox one starting tomorrow. What we have here is the list of quality gaming content/titles for you to enjoy on your favorite gaming console, no matter whether you are a fan of shooting, racing, or adventuring, there’s sure to be something for you to enjoy.

Let’s begin!

Portal Knights ScreenshotPortal Knights — May 23
Explore randomly-generated worlds in this creative cooperative multiplayer sandbox RPG. Pick from a variety of classes like warrior, mage, or ranger and craft gear to help you on your adventure to defeat your enemies.

Embers of Mirrim ScreenshotEmbers of Mirrim — May 24
Take control of a mystical creature with the ability to split between light and dark embers. This adventure-platformer takes place across a gorgeous fantasy landscape as you play as a versatile hero tasked with restoring peace to the world.

Unit 4 ScreenshotUnit 4 — May 24
Perform impossible tricks, play with your friends and get ready to save the universe! Play as an elite squad of agents with amazing skills in this 4-player cooperative, fast-paced action game where you’ll face off with huge bosses and evils aliens.

RiME ScreenshotRiME — May 26
Discover the beautiful, rugged world of RiME in this ambitious single-player puzzle adventure on May 26. Play as a young boy who has survived a deadly storm and found himself washed ashore on this mysterious island. Armed with only your wits, and help from a friendly fox, explore this enigmatic island to unlock its secrets.

Everspace Screenshot

Everspace 1.0 Launch (Console Launch Exclusive/Xbox Play Anywhere) — May 26
Fast-paced combat with rogue-like elements, great visuals and a captivating story, Everspace is a fantastic sci-fi shooter that’s leaving Early Access with its launch of version 1.0. Journey through this stunning universe where you’ll shoot, craft, and loot your way to victory. This console launch exclusive is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Play Anywhere Support, buy it once to own it on both platforms.

Get Even ScreenshotGet Even — May 26
In this psychological first-person shooter, travel into the mind of a man who wakes to find himself in an old abandoned asylum. To find the truth of his past, Cole Black must travel into the depths of his memory to discover what happened to him.

Spellspire ScreenshotSpellspire — May 26
Can you spell adventure? Spellspire is a thrilling mashup of word game and action role playing game. Pick letters from a grid to spell words and shoot them from your wand as spells. The longer the word, the bigger the blast!

Constructor ScreenshotConstructor — May 26

Take on the role of a city tycoon who aims to create a thriving (and profitable) city… no matter the cost. From backroom deals to deadly decisions, you must do whatever is necessary to stay in the black. Supports online play with up to four players.