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Colony is the latest DLC Leader to join Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC


Halo Wars 2 is receiving yet another or the second DLC pack, Colony. The Hunter pair known as Colony, is available today on Xbox Play Anywhere title Halo Wars 2 for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

The DLC Leader is rolling out now as part of the Halo Wars 2 season pass or individual purchase for $5.99, and features brand new units and abilities offering new strategies, tactics and gameplay across all multiplayer modes.

Last month, Microsoft released the first DLC Leader, Kinsano for Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One and Windows 10.

In addition, the Halo team has implemented a host of various updates, general tweaks, and bug-fixes to improve the Halo Wars 2 experience.

Below is the detailed overview of the changes:

Core systems:
-Made various stability improvements
-Fixed some secondary objectives not triggering after loading from a save
-Fixed some more cases that could cause infinite loading
-Fixed a performance issue on Banished buildings caused by some audio looping inappropriately
-Fixed an issue causing desync for some players
Leader Powers:
-Archer Missiles now interact with Fog of War appropriately
-Fixed an issue with players being able to build toward the pop cap of temporarily stolen units with Isabel’s Ghost in the Machine
-Fixed an issue where a shield generator wouldn’t spin up if the main base was damaged during construction
-Fixed an issue where Isabel’s ‘The Best Offense’ passive power would render Scorpions unresponsive
-Ark Defense spawns the correct number of Sentinels in Blitz, for all interactions with line of sight
-Grunt Mob returns the correct amount of energy on death in Blitz
-Fixed an issue with audio corruption in longer games of Blitz Firefight
-Grunts no longer shoot each other in the back, reducing their damage output
-The campaign log “Beyond the Edge” is now unlocked when completing campaign mission “The Halo”
-Neutral marines in the tutorial no longer attack and kill the player’s units, preventing them from completing the mission
-Strongholds custom game setting for “starting population count” now works as expected
-Fixed it so “Minibases count as HQ” enabled now prevents the game from ending when the player has no units and only minibases
-Added some Sentinels to capture points on Sentry and Badlands
-Marines’ grenade throw is more responsive
-Deployed Blisterbacks are now attackable by all units, not just anti-air
-Hunter upgrade no longer renders Hunters unresponsive
-Fixed an issue where Holo-decoy units under the effects of the Hellcharge ability would do damage to enemy units
-Global unit upgrades now apply to the Scorpion
-Fixed text on Forge’s Rolling Economy text to match the changes that were applied in the previous update
-Aligned Kinsano’s flame VFX for her Flamewall power with the area in which it does damage
-Fixed several translation errors in Russian, Polish and Japanese
-Fixed some instances of debug strings showing up as UI text in a few locations
AI Fixes:
-Shipmaster AI can no longer teleport units into the void
-Changed the way AI uses and reacts to Nightingale smoke ability
-Fixed an issue that allowed the AI to control a jackrabbit drone
-AI players are now more aware of cloaked bases
-AI players will retake power nodes which were reclaimed by Sentinels
-An AI will no longer kill its own units by disabling a Lightbridge while they’re on it… RIP
-Fixed “Two Heads are Better than None” achievement

-Fixed audio with several leader powers
-Fixed several issues with units not having appropriate audio on destruction
-Fixed several instances in campaign when background music could be heard in cutscenes or ingame cinematics
-Adjusted some leader powers’ audio
-Synced some audio with animations for Kinsano’s Cyclops
-Fixed an issue with audio events getting spammed when interacting with Fog of War or Cloaking ability
-Fixed an issue with large scale battles causing some audio corruption
-Fixed death visual effects on the Veteran Flame ‘Hog in Blitz
-Fixed some particle issues with the Flame Warthog incendiary grenade
-Fixed Guard units generating noise endlessly in Blitz
-Douglas’s taunt is no longer heard globally
And now for something completely different:
-Fixed an issue where Grunt Squads turn into Grizzlies after the player kills them in any mission when loading a save file with the skull “Grunt Birthday Party” active from a previous release


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