Crazy racer 3D is a 3D car racing game from developer “Chengdu Yu Cooper technology limited”. You may know them because of games like Elements Defender and Space racing 3D. This game is the 3D racing game with the lowest memory footprint. It has a download size of just 8 MB. On your device it takes just 17 MB of memory.

3D crazy racer

But don’t go after the size, the game is a crazy racing fun. The graphics are good, cars are nice and it is fun to shoot at cars ahead of you with missiles or save yourself with shield from attack. There are three main gaming modes, Chase, Carrer and Linear and I liked Chase mode so much. The game is really worth trying for its small install size and the incredible 3D racing experience. There are 24 race tracks and you don’t win unchallenged. You can attack, save yourself and use the nitrox boost to finish as the winner, but it is not easy. The game is free to play with in-app purchases whenever required.

Though the game is not without niggles and here is a note for developers,

Controls need to be more precise

More options in cars will be awesome

Some sound glitches are there

Overall, this game is worth trying if you want to race hard and get a good level of challenge.

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