88 heroes

Developed by Rising star games, 88 Heroes is now available on Xbox One.

88 Heroes is a chaotic 2D platformer where you are on a mission to save Earth from the dastardly Dr. H8 in 88 different levels as you lead 88 unique characters with their own special abilities. Do mind, you all have just 88 minutes to complete all 88 levels, are you up to the challenge?

Store Description

It’s 8:08am on 8th August 1988, and the evil Dr. H8 has brought the world to the brink of total annihilation! His demands are simple: pay $88 octillion within 88 minutes, or Dr. H8’s 88 thermo-nuclear warheads will wipe out the Earth! But who will save us in our time of need? The bravest? The boldest? No… the 88 Heroes! Prepare to infiltrate Dr. H8’s lair with the help of the strangest, dumbest and most pointless superheroes ever! With 88 levels between you and Dr. H8, only 88 seconds to complete each level and the 88-minute Doomsday clock already ticking, lead 88 unique characters – each with their own special abilities – on a platform-hopping, enemy-smashing, danger-dodging mission to save Earth from complete destruction! Can the 88 Heroes save the day? Let’s hope so! They called the best, but the best were busy…

Game Trailer

Download the game from Windows Store using the link below.

88 Heroes
88 Heroes
Developer: Rising Star Games
Price: $14.99