Iron Blade

Gameloft is prepping up to launch its action RPG game, Iron Blade for Windows 10. The company has soft launched the game, which means it is only available in few regions currently, but expect the game to roll out worldwide soon.

The Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG takes you back to the Medieval Europe and its epic medieval odyssey. The game has been optimized for mobile gameplay. Being a combat-focused game, you are fighting against countless threats, battling possessed and demonic forces in a glorious quest of salvation for the entire mankind.

Watch the game trailer below:

In order to download the game, set the phone region to Vietnam and try downloading. The game is only available for PC, as per the store listing, but we hope with the final release it will arrive on Mobile, too.

Alternatively, pre-register for the game and get exciting in-game rewards on launch.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG
Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG