Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft recently announced a stable build of the chromium-based Microsoft Edge on Windows.

Extension Sync and Auto Profile Switching were some of the biggest features in version 83.0.478.37.

Moving forward, Microsoft is also introducing a new spellcheck experience for Windows users, powered by Windows Spellcheck.

This feature is supported on Windows 8.1 and above.

This feature was developed as a collaboration between Google and Microsoft engineers in the Chromium project, enabling all Chromium-based browsers to benefit from Windows Spellcheck integration. Our thanks go out to Guillaume Jenkins and Rouslan Solomakhin (Google), and Bruce Long, Luis Sanchez Padilla, and Siye Liu (Microsoft) for their collaboration on this feature.


Windows Spellcheck has some advantages over the previously used open-source proofing tools for spell checking.

Windows Spellcheck includes support for additional languages and dialects, a shared custom dictionary, and better support for URLs, acronyms, and email addresses.

Hunspell check and Windows Spellcheck

How to use spellcheck in Microsoft Edge

To configure the preferred language settings on Windows

open Microsoft Edge and type edge://settings/languages in the address bar and hit enter on keyboard.

This will open a page something like this.

Spelcheck in Microsoft Edge

From this page, users can toggle on/off preferred languages and also get additional languages for spellcheck by clicking on Add languages button at the top.

Source: Microsoft