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Intel gives us a glimpse of what Andromeda Foldable device might look like

Image by: Mark Hachman / IDG
Image by: Mark Hachman / IDG

Intel is reportedly working on an Andromeda like folding device code-named Tiger Rapids which is solely focused on productivity. Much like Microsoft’s Andromeda, this will have a digital journal which will be one of its enticing features. According to PC World, Intel has been working on with the device for almost about two to three years to get into the form factor which we are seeing right now.

A two screen foldable display is gradually becoming a thing, almost all the major tech companies like Samsung, Lenovo have already shown us their prototype devices with a dual display. Asus also recently came up with something similar to that at Computex and DELL has already made some progress to join the bandwagon.

Image by: Mark Hachman / IDG

Much like Microsoft courier, this one has a dedicated screen that is specially made for digital inking, Intel calls this as an electronic paper display(EPD) that consumes very low or no power. Besides that, the prototype device was able to achieve 4.85mm of thickness and has a 7.9-inch LCD display.

The time is exciting as we are seeing more and more tech companies supporting the Microsoft’s vision by making their own versions. One thing that is super clear is that these devices are not meant to replace your existing iPads or whatever what it wants to do is create a device category that will primarily target Creators.

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