We reported about Microsoft working on a brand-new browser called “Spartan” for Windows 10, that will be different from its predecessors and blurred images offered first look. Now, new leaked images show more and cooler features coming with Spartan. One of them is Cortana integration. As can be seen in the below screenshot, Cortana sits right there in the address bar and you can take her help using your voice in performing search or doing other stuff.


Other leaked images show a redesigned Windows 10 Taskbar with new icons and it has search, navigation between two windows and ability to open apps from it.


The leaked Build 9901 gives you an idea of what to expect from the future Windows 10 builds. The future Builds are expected to be more consumer-oriented with interface tweaks, advanced version of Cortana and more features in sync with Windows Phone.

We heard that the next builds of Windows 10 will come from fbl_awesome branch including the one that will be released on January 21, the day of the Microsoft event. The latest leaked Build from fbl_awesome is 10.0.9913  as seen on BuildFeed.

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