Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has announced two new exciting features that will be coming to (chromium-based) Microsoft Edge in the future updates.

Pinterest Integration and Sidebar Search.

Both the features will be super useful, helping you to be more productive, and organize the content however you want.

If you are someone who browses Pinterest to capture great ideas, recipes etc. then there would be no reason not to try Microsoft Edge on your PC.

Collections in Microsoft Edge is collaborating with Pinterest to help you discover relevant content for your research or project. People use Collections to capture their favorite design ideas, recipes, home improvement links, and even to research their next big purchase across multiple sites.



When enabled, Pinterest suggestions will appear at the bottom of your collection.

White and Blue Network Cables

Clicking on a recommendation will open a board of similar, trending Pins so you can quickly discover and add relevant ideas.

You will also be able to send the collections to OneNote, in addition to the options to send to Excel and Word which are available today.

Another feature worth mentioning is the Sidebar Search.

With Sidebar Search, you can quickly initiate web results for a piece of text/item without leaving the current tab in Microsoft Edge.

pktmon command in Windows 10

Simply highlight a word or phrase, right click, and select “search in sidebar” from the context menu.

Source: Microsoft